Getting Fit – A 7 Step Plan.

Getting Fit – The 7 Step Plan.

Getting started on a new fitness journey can be both a scary and confusing task.

It never hurts to map out a plan, this will always help you to stay on track and keep yourself focused.
Below is a 7 step plan to help you get started on your Getting Fit path.

1. – Be specific. Set a fitness Goal and WRITE IT DOWN! OK so the first part of your “Getting Fit” goal is to clearly define what this means to you. Do you want to gain strength, improve your cardio, lose a pant size or two. I get real specific. I want to lose 10lbs, drop 1 full pant size and improve my overall mile time.

Write there I just gave myself three small specific goals to reach my major goal of “Getting Fit”.

If you want to lose a lot of weight right that down too but then break it down to smaller goals. An example would be I MUST lose 60lbs. I will accomplish this by working out, eating better & documenting my progress. I will workout 5 days per week doing Can You 24. My goal each week is to lose 2-5lbs of body-fat.

This makes your goal seem reachable and if you have a bad week you won’t be defeated so easy.

2. – Let everyone know. That’s right get the word out and tell everyone. Let your friends and family know that you have a set of goals that you want to reach and may actually need them to help motivate or remind. One of my goals was to run the Warrior Dash so I told a bunch of my friends and got them to sign up with me. That meant that I had to follow through.

3. – Have a start and end. You have to know where you want to go and how to get there. How is that? Simple. I am starting on Monday Julyy 3, I want to achieve my goal by December 31 and I will then re-evaluate and start a new set of Lifestyle goals.

4. – Stay on track. The hardest part is staying on track. Work, family & other commitments always seem to through us all of track. You have to be committed. Stay on track. If you get home late you have to get your 30 minutes that you scheduled in. You have make sure that you stay committed to YOURSELF!

5. – Make it a habit. Look you can do this. Everyone can make time to improve themselves and their overall life. I once read that if do something for 21 days in a row then you have created a habit. Make that a goal. Make a goal that for 21 days you will follow a “Getting Fit” lifestyle.

6. – Change it up to Avoid Boredom!
I get bored easy. So doing the same workouts over and over will kill anyone’s enthusiasm. Change it up. One of the cool things about Advoacare’s Can You programs is that they are short in duration. You can do them quick and mix them up.

7. – Reward Yourself! That’s right, reward your achievements. Take pictures and put them FaceBook. Go out and buy a new pair of jeans or some fresh workout clothes. When you reach your goals you have achieved something. Something to be proud of.

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